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At Four Oaks Insurance Group Inc. of Texas, our agents possess the comprehensive training and extensive experience needed to write the policies that protect your automobile, motorcycle, boat, watercraft, recreational vehicle, home, business, life, and health from windstorms, fires, and floods to theft, vandalism, and liability. Moreover, you may call, text, email, or have a virtual visit with our agents to receive quotes, make policy changes, or start claims at any time needed. Our agents will reply as soon as possible with your requested quote, supply a copy of your policy by mail or email, and meet with you virtually or in person as needed.

Commercial Policies

We provide worker's compensation policies, general liability, property, flood, workers comp, crime, commercial auto, surety and fidelity bonds. Our dedicated staff of insurance professionals are here to assist you in securing an insurance policy to protect you and your assets. With a vast knowledge of our many carriers, we are equipped to shop for the best policy to suit your needs. Our job is to help you navigate through the sea of policy options and clarify any questions or concerns you may have along the way. Shopping for insurance can be difficult, but our staff does the work for you. Maintain your peace of mind knowing that our insurance professionals have your back.

Flood Insurance

If you live along the Gulf Coast or in Flash Flood Alley between Central and North Texas, you need a flood insurance policy. This has been the standard in Texas, but things are starting to change. Anywhere it rains, water accumulates and we are seeing 100 year and even 500 year flood plains gather water. Flood Insurance protects you whether the flood resulted from a weather event or an infrastructure failure, such as burst water mains or overflowing storm drains.

Personal Property

Because we cover recreational vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and watercraft, along with your personal property such as home furnishings, appliances, electronics, clothing, and jewelry, we provide peace of mind. In addition, after you decide what coverage you need, our agents will build a policy that provides replacement value rather than the market value.

Life and Health

Our highly qualified agents stand ready to help you navigate the complex health insurance market. We also offer multiple options from the top life insurance carriers in the nation at very competitive rates for both individual and group life, as well as for both term and permanent life insurance. For medical insurance, our team specializes in employee benefits for companies with 2-2000 employees. Call or stop by for assistance selecting the coverage that meets your current and future health needs with the correct deductibles and co-pays.

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If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us at Four Oaks Insurance Group Inc., serving Texas. We will be happy to answer your insurance questions today.